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Thin Client Wyse R10L Thin Client Wyse R10L

Thin Client Wyse R10L

Part number: 909531-01L
Disponibilidade: Consulte
Garantia: 3 anos

*Valores com base para faturamento SP e válidos para Empresas com CNPJ.

Faturamento e entrega para todo Brasil. Consulte valores e frete para demais estados.

Valores válidos enquanto durar o estoque, sujeitos a alteração conforme variação do dólar.

****Não possuímos preço diferenciado para revendas de informática*****

Recursos e benefícios Especificações técnicas


Processador AMD 1.5GHz/ Memória 128MB FLASH e 512MB RAM/ ATI 690E/ S.O. Thin OS


Everything you need in  a cloud client

Dell Wyse R class cloud clients offer everything your users need from their desktop PCS, without the things they don’t. Like moving parts, wasted energy, insecure hard drives and excessive unnecessary heat. Instead we’ve built in what matters the most to you: Powerful processors, dual monitor support, fast graphics and a host of USB ports for those vital everyday peripherals. Perfect when you need a cloud client desktop capable of voice, data and video.

Created with performance and security in mind

 Dell Wyse R class features high performance central and graphics processors coupled with full support for multiple screens, and an outstanding user experience on a cloud computing platform with the Dell Wyse TCXTM Suite of virtualization software

High performance.  Inside and out.

By employing the advanced ATI 690E chipset from AMD, the Dell Wyse R10L offers excellent graphics performance. With a maximum resolution of 2560x1600 (single monitor) these devices will support any high-end graphics application, with support  for dual monitors with standard  DVI-I and DVI-D ports.