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Fora de linha IntelliJack Gigabit Switch NJ2000 IntelliJack Gigabit Switch NJ2000 IntelliJack Gigabit Switch NJ2000

IntelliJack Gigabit Switch NJ2000

Part number: 3CNJ2000
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Garantia: 3 anos

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Recursos e benefícios Especificações técnicas
Recursos e Benefícios

Quadruple Gigabit LAN Connectivity at the Wall
The IntelliJack® Gigabit Switch NJ2000 is an "in-the-wall" Web-managed Gigabit Ethernet switch that easily quadruples LAN infrastructure connections, while providing for legacy analog and digital voice connectivity.

Four Gigabit switched ports and two pass-through ports connect a variety of devices via one wall outlet, making it more cost-effective than pulling additional wiring. This unique networking platform is ideal for hard-to-wire spaces such as asbestos-insulated walls, older buildings, or dormitories.

The wall-mounted form factor is more secure than a freestanding hub or switch. The unit mounts inside the wall space, keeping the uplink port out of the way. An IntelliJack Gigabit switch isnt easily damaged or disconnected, nor will it "grow legs" and vanish. It provides unobtrusive and reliable connectivity for high-traffic locations such as classrooms, guest rooms, public kiosks, conference rooms, and shared office spaces.

The Web-managed Switch NJ2000 provides enhanced security, traffic management and cable fault diagnosis, allowing customers to reliably deliver converged solutions, including VoIP and video.

The IntelliJack Gigabit Switch is also available without management features as the IntelliJack Gigabit Switch NJ1000.

  • 3Com IntelliJack Gigabit switches expand voice/data connectivity in offices, shared-office spaces, conference rooms, classrooms and dorm rooms

  • Four 10/100/1000 Mbps switched ports connect desktops, notebooks, printers, access points, IP cameras, or IP telephones

  • Two built-in pass-through ports support legacy telephony or additional networking

  • Web-based GUI management offers complete configuration control

  • Standards-based traffic prioritization, multicast rate control, and VLANs balance loads and boost security

  • Security features include IEEE 802.1x Network Login, RADIUS support, SNMP traps and IEEE 802.1Q VLANs

  • The NJ2000 can be powered by Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af or 802.3at) or an optional 48V local power supply

  • Power can be forwarded through two ports to other devices (requires use of 3Com Single-Port IEEE 802.3at Gigabit PoE Midspan Solution, IntelliJack Gigabit Switch Power Supply or Baseline Switch 2226 Plus)

  • Cable fault diagnosis feature discover breaks and distance in cable runs, helping troubleshoot

  • Compliance with NEMA-WD6 and ANSI commercial building standards helps ensure easy installation

  • Mounts securely to the wall using a Torx screw to deter theft or tampering